Jan 28, 2014

Mejor Amigo

This song is for a friend who has made the last seven months much sweeter. This friend makes me smile, makes me laugh, and blesses me every day. Thank you, my friend. You are a gift from God. This song is for you. Espero que cuando te entregues al Señor, Él te reciba con brazos abiertos y mucho amor! Esta canción es para ti y muchas gracias por la canción que me enviaste para aliviar mis momentos de depresión. Es cierto que cuando esté triste, voy a visitar el taller del Maestro y también recordaré nuestra amistad. Gracias.

"No hay un abrazo que no quite el frío."

Free Yourself from the Actions of Others

I was just thinking about how sometimes when a loved one passes on, we regret what others didn't do for that loved one. We also might wonder if those persons still alive regret what they did or didn't do as well or if it is only our hangup. Either way, we may begin to feel sad because that person didn't treat our loved one better, spend more time with them, or honor them enough during their life. In my case, I might contemplate certain people that didn't seem to spend much time with or do much for my mother during the twenty year course of her illness. What I want to say about this topic is that if the loved one is with Christ Jesus then there is no reason to regret how others treated them. The sting of illness, the sting of loneliness, the sting of hurt feelings, harsh words, lousy relationships, I could go on and on....it is OVER and DONE! Do not let the past bring you down one moment in regards to that loved one that is in Christ's arms. Your loved one will never recall any hurt. They are even now barely entering the threshold of eternity in perfection with almighty God. When you begin to regret what you could have done or what someone else could have done, you are making light of the power, healing, and restoration of the entrance from the death of this world into the light of glory. Furthermore, God does not want you holding on to anger towards others. We have two choices to make. Forgive the behavior of others and build a relationship with them. Maybe as you become closer to that person you carry resentment towards you will understand better why they treat others a certain way. They may be hurting themselves and need your words of understanding, forgiveness, or encouragement. Or, if putting yourself around those people stirs up anger and resentment inside of you then maybe the best thing is to remove yourself from their presence and seek God's healing for your hurt feelings.

Sep 7, 2013

El Padre que Siempre Soñe

I opened a station on Pandora today under the artist Abel Zavala. I love finding great worship music in Spanish because I am an aspiring bilingual. The first song that came on was "El Padre que Siempre Soñe". The title means "the Father that I always dreamed of". The lyrics are beautiful. I did a search in Youtube and discovered this gorgeous rendition with the saxophone but no words. Enjoy!!! If you want to hear the words then do your own Youtube search ;)

Bow Down

I bow before Jesus Christ. Everyday I sow sin that would reap judgment for me, but that judgment was executed across the back, the chest, the sides, the feet, and the hands of the Perfect, the Beautiful, the Merciful Lamb. The Son. Worthy of all. Holy God in flesh who gave Himself up as nobody else could do. I hear Him, I feel Him, and therefore I do not walk alone. I cannot count the tears that come from the joy and sorrow mingled together in view of that atoning sacrifice. THE SACRIFICE. Jesus Christ is the only Rock that I can boast and stand upon.